Out of Step

Life goes on. When you’re gone, life goes on. When you’re away, everything still happens. I was gone for two weeks and everything still got done, in some cases better than I would have done them. My friends’ lives went on and I wasn’t there to be a part of it.

Donald Miller said in one of his books, “Through Painted Deserts,” that everyone has to leave because change is necessary for growth and life and home will be there when you get back, only you will have changed. I agree with that. Life continues and things happen and people grow when you are gone but nothing changes, nothing stops because you aren’t there to witness. Yeah, they miss you but everything still gets done and life goes on whether you are there or not. Only you are changed because you’ve seen and done things that they haven’t and you weren’t there when things happened at home. When you leave and come back you are in a different step than everyone else. Their lives continued in the same steps as before, only your steps have changed.

I am back home now, feeling like an outsider looking in. I am out of step and maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe God wants me out of step. The steps from before weren’t working, maybe new steps are necessary.


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