Old Faithfull

I’m sitting at Old Faithful, waiting for it to blow, and I’m sitting next to an old man who doesn’t speak English. I tried to talk to him but that’s when I found out he doesn’t speak English and so I just smiled and nodded. Have no idea what he said. When two women, perhaps his daughters, came up and sat on the other side of him, they were bringing him ice cream speaking in what sounded like Swedish or Dutch, but then with my limited experience with foreign nations means I really have no clue. But, it is funny that I could sort of sense what was happening. The younger women said something to him he pointed to his other side (where his camera was sitting next to him), she said something more forceful and reached around him to grab the camera while he seemed to be protesting, probably saying “It’s fine where it is!”, then he looked over at me with a look like to say “Daughters! They never listen!” It was cute how body language said it all.


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