On a May Night

may night salviaIn my front flower garden are two mounding perennial bushes called May Night Salvia. Green stems topped with long purple-blue flowering strands. They are supposed to attract butterflies. What they do attract are bees. The bees come along and suck all the color out of the long strands of purple. Sometimes, when the bees have been really busy, one or both of the plants look near death.

I was sitting on my front porch the other day, as I often do, and I watched the bees work. I started to get angry that my May Nights didn’t look as good as they could and thought of trying to stop the bees and then I corrected my thoughts. I realized that they are just doing what they were made to do. They are taking the juice from one plant to supply another with food; robbing from Peter to pay Paul. Who am I to deny another plant with life just to be vain about my own?

In life it should be the same way. I should give of my own bounty to fulfill the needs of others. I should not be vain about myself or my possessions when someone could benefit from modesty and selflessness.


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