There is a saying in the church that 80% of the people in church do 20% of the work and 20% of the people do 80% of the work. I believe that is true to a point. I would like to address the idea that there is a reason for that beyond the unwillingness of the majority.

Have you ever known someone who does everything on their own because they want it done a certain way? In my case it is my dad. No matter how hard I tried as a kid I could never vacuum well enough to suit him. He’d take the Hoover away from me and begin to demonstrate the proper way to do it. It aggravated me because I really was trying. I quickly learned that I would never do it to suit him and so if I just stopped trying, he would eventually do it himself. I got into a lot of trouble when he figured out what I was doing. There are a lot of projects that I usually let him do himself so it is done to his satisfaction.

Every church is different but I believe that in the 20% of the people in the church who do 80% of the work, a percentage of those people are the kind who wouldn’t want or accept help or would not approve of the way others did the job. Hopefully they realize that they are that type of person and decide that it is best not to complain when those around them choose not to help.


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