I’m a Golden Retriever

I took a personality test several years ago and the result was that my most domineering quality was my loyalty and they characterized my personality as that of a golden retriever. I’m a dog. The other personality options in this test were otter, beaver, and lion. And I’m a dog. Just today I got a text message from a friend who said the thing he most liked about me was that I am loyally dedicated. I thanked him because I know he was trying to be nice but what he doesn’t know is that I am not a big fan of that quality at the moment. What has it gotten me? I was loyal to the wrong guy and it earned me a big heartache. I was loyal to my job and now I’m laid off. I was loyal to friends in high school and it got me talked about behind my back. Maybe the loyalty itself isn’t the problem, just that I keep displacing it.

Loyal to a fault. That’s what I say. Loyal to a fault. Someone who is trusting to a fault is someone who trusts too much. Someone who is nice to a fault, is too nice. Someone who is generous to a fault usually ends up poor. Perhaps being loyal to a fault isn’t such a good thing. Can you be too loyal? What do you do to rectify that?

I have found that loyalty is a good thing in my family and with some of my current friends who seem to appreciate it. I guess my feelings on this subject are mixed. Maybe being loyal just sounds too much like I’m someone old. As dependable as an old Toyota. Maybe it’s the dog reference that is getting to me. I don’t know. Maybe I just want to be a different animal for a while, one not talked about in an outdated personality test. What animal would I rather be? Most-likely some kind of bird. One that flies a lot. What if I had wings?


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