I Think I’m a Pacer

So the conversations lately have turned again to relationships. There are a lot of my friends who are either coming out of relationships or entering into them or praying about them. I think all the conversations are great, don’t get me wrong, but I am not much help in situations where my friends are asking for advice. You see, there have been times when I have thought that maybe God wants me to stay single. The thing is I am not totally sure if that is coming from God or from my cynicism. You see, I am broken. Either it’s the way a relationship went or how it ended, but something broke me. I’m damaged goods. I can’t help but think that no guy would want the broken mess I am except God so maybe He is calling me to life of singleness because He has better things in-store for the Godly men out there. Better things than a broken down thing like me. I know this is all very negative and cynical, but God wants only the best for His children. I heard someone compare two different girls to two different cars today. One was a BMW while the other was a Chevy. I think I’m a Pacer. 🙂 A rusted old Pacer. Only God could restore an old Pacer to make it like knew and desirable again. Then only He would desire it. I am just going to focus on my relationship with God right now because that may be all I get. And that wouldn’t be so bad when you think about it. God is Love. To say that God loves me is saying that the creator of love itself wishes to lavish his creation on me. That is awesome.


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