Andy M/Andy R

Oh Andy M! Andy M, I’m frightened! Andy M…Andy M I’m frightened!

Dear Andy Murray,

So sad for you on your loss in the semifinals of Wimbledon against Andy Roddick. I cheered for you Murray – I really cheered. Next year! Next year is your year. Nadal may be back to defend his title from 2008 and that is when you will take it all. You vs. Nadal. That would be some fantastic match. I may even fly over there to see that match. Next year it’s all you man. Britain’s golden boy. I’m sure the fans in all the land are proud of you. Murray Hill will always resonate the cheers and well wishes of your peeps.

Dear Andy Roddick,

I know it sounds unpatriotic of me that I cheered for a Brit against a bro. I am sure you understand the magnitude of the situation. A Brit hasn’t won Wimbledon since Fred Perry did it in 1936. I had to follow my sentimentality for a moment. Please forgive me? I am definitely cheering you on in the finals against Roger. Federer is good. He’s going for the record breaker – but I know how badly you want this Grand Slam and I am with you all the way! You go boy! USA loves you!


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