Enigma vs. Amoeba

During the “Four Hours of Rummy” that I blogged about on June 19, the guy and I had several chances to chat about stuff. I spoke in the “I Guess I’m Just Old-Fashioned” post – also from June 19th – about the conversation regarding online dating. Another conversation he and I had was about dating friends. I recalled that a mutual friend of ours told me that he would never date a friend because there is no mystery in it. My rummy friend said he didn’t totally agree with that because there could still be some things you don’t really know so there could still be some mystery.

I claimed that it is fun being an enigma – puzzling, inexplicable, a mystery. He claimed that I was more of an amoeba – a jellylike sea creature.

Nice. A squishy joke. I guess that’s better than a fat joke.

So, how much can a person really hold back from someone they’ve known for years? You see it in movies all the time. People who’ve known each other for years suddenly see each other differently. I believe it could happen. But I don’t believe that there is as much mystery as most guys look for in a relationship. It could be a good relationship but I think a lot of it would be predictable.

It’s all in what you want and what you’re looking for in a relationship. Just remember that if it’s mystery and suspense you are looking for, a time will come when you know more than you want to know. What happens to the relationship then?


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