I Guess I’m Just Old-Fashioned

I was asked by a friend last night if I would ever do online dating. I told him no. I’d tried it before but it was a lame site and I got a lame response. Or rather, a response from the lame. I told him, “I guess I’m just old-fashioned.” But, I think it’s more than that. That response is sort of a lame response. Just to say you are old-fashioned is sort of a scapegoat answer. This issue requires an extensive response.

I believe in love at first site. I believe in love growing from friendship. I believe in love growing from respect. I believe that there are times when you see someone and you just know. There is a point when you just know, looks and behavior aside, that twenty years down the road, if it comes to that, you’re still going to want to talk to that person. They are still going to be able to make you laugh and you are still going to be able to make them laugh. Sometimes you just know.

Why not wait patiently till you know? Why go looking for it? Why not just be you until that moment happens when you are struck by who God puts in your path? The Bible says “Be still and know that I AM God.” Why do we think that verse doesn’t apply to the idea of romantic relationships? I believe it does. And I believe that is how I will live.


One thought on “I Guess I’m Just Old-Fashioned

  1. God can easily place someone in your path through an online dating service. 🙂 I have several [Christian] friends who met and married, and are still happy, online. It’s obviously your preference but you never know what God might do!

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