Who/What/When/Where/Why Am I?

I received a bit of insight the other day when I was driving home from Tennessee. I realized that I have spent a lot of my life trying to be like other people but I have failed miserably. I am nothing like the people I’ve lived to imitate. And I’ve failed to impress those I’ve aspired to impress. That failure is a great thing.

I know I am impatient and can’t wait to be who He wants me to be, find out what He wants me to do and when He will tell me where I am going next and why He has me in waiting mode. But I also know the following:

*I am who He made me.
*I am striving to do what He wants me to do.
*I am enjoying every day until He says when.
*I am where I am supposed to be for now until He says where I am to go next.
*I am why He died.

I really don’t know anything else. I wish I did. But, that’s how He works…outside of the realms of our knowledge and understanding. Would we have it any other way?


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