The Ghost of Boyfriends Past

Some visits are welcome, some are tolerated, others are merely endured. For some reason the ghost of a past relationship keeps haunting me – an uninvited visit. For some reason or another, whenever people that know me happen to run into my ex-boyfriend, they feel the need to tell me about it. Now, whenever someone starts a sentance with “Guess who I saw the other day” I am already aware of the answer. That was a long releationship – 5 years – and many expected us to get married, even me, but it was over more than 6 years ago. I don’t really care that someone was walking through the mall and saw him. I guess when most of the people I still have contact with run into him, they immediately think of me. And, for some strange reason, feel that it is within their responsibility to tell me of the encounter.

I have found some use in it though. A theory I am testing really. You see, so far everyone who has come to me and told me that they saw him has said that his wife wasn’t with him. I haven’t seen him out but I have seen her and he is never with her. One tends to wonder why they are never together in public. Now, I know why there were times that he didn’t want to be seen with me in public. Usually that was because my actions or something about my appearance embarrassed him. Hmmm…with that in mind, and with this info that no one ever sees them together, one can deduce that he has never changed. I’m glad he’s gone from my life. I just wish he’d be gone from the lives of everyone else I know so I wouldn’t have to hear about him. But, that’s hard to do when you live in the same small town.


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