The Law of Averages

The law of averages is always in play. When things go great for too long they inevitably turn bad. When things are consistently bad for an extended period of time there has to be a reprieve. It’s the law of averages. It means that if you’re happy, especially if you are extraordinarily happy, don’t get used to it. Something will inevitably go wrong. If you’re in a slump, just buckle down until the waves calm and the life boat arrives. But, I wonder at what degree this is true? What if you live in the ocean of mediocrity? Is it fair to wish for something great? If the law of averages regulates a balance between ultimate happiness and utter despair, is the middle ground ruled by the same law? If so, how does that work? Perhaps, if you are the type that doesn’t like change, the ocean of mediocrity is where you belong.


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