I Could Have Been Something Great

My mom always told me I was born in the wrong era. I should have lived in the 30s or 40s or 50s instead of being born as late as 1979. I enjoy the past. I prefer an old movie to something out this year or last. I love the old music. I prefer the classic actors to the stars of today. I find myself wishing to be in a time like the time gone by. Living back then. Working back then. Being entertained by the entertainers back then. Listening to a radio show because TV hasn’t been invented yet. Walking down the street window shopping. Going to the drug store for a malt. Falling in love with a G.I. Dancing to an Irving Berlin tune. Going to the picture show to see the latest Cary Grant film. I’ve actually felt at times like I’ve missed out on the best times of my life and I wasn’t even alive then. How crazy is that?! Why are some more drawn to history than others? I’d like to think that we “historites” are here for some purpose, perhaps to remind everyone else what happened before that led us to where we are now? There has to be some purpose for having a passion for the past. In some ways I think, if I’d lived back then I may have been something great! A journalist back when journalism was genuine and respected. A celebrated author before the age of the self-published/anything-can-get-in-print mentality. A musician in the golden age of music. I could have been something great. Now, there are too many people. There is too much media. There is so much noise that begs the question, is anyone really heard anymore?


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