List #1 – Things I Find Romantic/Sexy

I started a new notebook full of lists. I have several lists. Some are private, this one I will share because it is my favorite. These numbered items are not in any particular order except for the order in which they came to me. And, this list is in no way complete. It will be everchanging and added to.

List of Things I Find Romantic or Sexy

  1. Long walks
  2. In old movies, the way a man used to hold the back of a woman’s arm while they walked together
  3. Autumn
  4. Hand holding
  5. Slow dancing with no music
  6. Dates that don’t cost any money
  7. When my uncle was alive, everytime his wife passed by he would reach out and touch her arm or hand
  8. The muscle in a man’s forearm
  9. When a guy has hair just long enough to run my fingers through
  10. Scruffy faces
  11. Salty kisses
  12. A soft bottom lip
  13. A half smile
  14. Playing footsie
  15. Riding in a car or truck with a guy while he’s driving at night
  16. Being lead in or out of a room by a guy putting his hand on the small of my back
  17. Blue eyes
  18. Messy hair
  19. Guys with glasses
  20. Being called Babe or Baby

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